Most of the men experience age related decline in fertility. Sperm count and motility decrease due to increasing age. Low sperm count affects the fertilization process. In this condition, Sperm Freezing plays an important role to avoid any fertilization problems in future. Sperm freezing is the most successful method of preserving a man’s fertility so that man can have a child in the future. It is also used to store sperm so that sperms can be used for other patients who are suffering from infertility diseases. Sperm freezing is also known as Cryopreservation.

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What is Sperm Freezing?

A Sperm Freezing is the process of collecting, analyzing, freezing and storing a man’s sperm. The samples are used in future for fertility treatments or donated to other couples or individuals including same sex female partners. Sperm freezing process is also called as Cryopreservation or sperm banking.


The Sperm Freezing Process Involves:

  • Routine screening for infection (HIV, hepatitis and rapid plasma regain test for syphilis).
  • Providing a semen sample or undergoing a sperm extraction.
  • Lab analysis of sperm quantity and quality.
  • Freezing of viable sperm.
  • Storage of the sperm indefinitely.

Need of Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing procedure allows a man to preserve his fertility by using his own sperms in the future or to donate sperms to infertile couple, an infertile individual or a lesbian couple for having a baby.

Sperm freezing treatment is very helpful for various common conditions such as:

  • Advancing age.
  • Deteriorating sperm quality or low quantity.
  • Cancer or other medical reasons.
  • Pre-vasectomy patients.
  • Transgender patients.
  • Career and lifestyle choices such as people with high-risk occupations or who spend a lot of time away from their significant other.

Procedure of Sperm Collection and Freezing

  • First of all, every man or sperm donor has to undergo blood testing strictly to check for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other diseases.
  • Sperm is typically collected through masturbation. A man can choose to collect his sample at home or in clinic. It is mandatory to use only an approved, sterile lubricant that doesn’t harm the sample quality.
  • If men choose to give a specimen at the lab then he is given a private room and visual material.
  • For best results, men are asked to stop sexual activity or ejaculation for approximately two to five days prior to providing a sample. If man is ejaculated too recently, then the sperm count can be low. If his last ejaculation was too long ago then many of the sperm can be immotile.
  • Once a semen sample is provided it is tested for sperm quantity, shape and movement within each specimen.
  • If sperm are not present in the sample or if the man is unable to ejaculate then a surgical retrieval procedure is used to remove sperm directly from the testicle.
  • Next, the samples are separated into multiple vials for freezing. Lab technicians use specialized cryoprotectant (anti-freeze) agents to help preserve and protect sperm cells.
  • The frozen sperm is then stored in the lab until its requirement. When it is needed then the sperm is thawed, washed and tested for mobility before using in IUI or IVF treatment.

Techniques of Sperm Freezing:

There are two major sperm freezing techniques such as:

  • Slow Freezing

This technique involves progressive sperm cooling over a period of two to four hours in two or three steps. The specimen is then plunged into liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius.

  • Rapid Freezing

It requires direct contact between sterile straws holding the samples and nitrogen vapors for eight to ten minutes which is followed by immersion in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius.

Sperm freezing is a very safe and standardized procedure. There are no risks or side effects while collecting semen samples naturally through masturbation. If surgical procedure is required then there are small risks such as bleeding or discomfort.

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