I am 38 and my wife is 35 years old. We have been married for 11 years and living in Pune. My wife has undergone 2 missed pregnancies ( in 2013 & 2015). Both the times it has been very traumatic experience for both of us and our families. In last few years, we had a feeling of huge vacuum in our lives in the absence of a child. One of our cousins who stays in Mumbai got pregnant after 10 years of marriage thanks to Dr. Rita Modi’s treatment. We saw a ray of hope and decided to give it one more attempt before we decide on child adoption. We contacted Dr. Rita Modi. What encouraged us was prompt & precise response to all our queries. With every interaction with Dr. Rita Modi the trust level was rising. And finally we decided to take the plunge, we fixed an appointment and planned our visit to Mumbai in March 2016. For the first visit to Dr. Rita Modi my wife had travelled with her parents. However, in this 1st meeting itself doctor gave her lot of confidence. Finally my wife was given IVF treatment in third week of April 2016. And thanks to the almighty god she conceived. She is now mother of twin babies … Yes god has been very kind. Dr. Rita Modi is a GOD for us. We would highly recommend Dr. Rita Modi to all the couples who are having difficulty in having a child.


We have been married for seven years and started trying for a baby 6 years ago. We had all the usual tests carried out and I was found to have endometriosis which may be affecting my fertility. Despite this we had our first attempt at IVF which was unsuccessful. I then decided to have my endometriosis treated and to try naturally for 6 months to see if this worked. Unfortunately nothing – we carried on to have a further 5 attempts at IVF/ICSI – none of which were successful – one time we tried the short protocol and the cycle had to be abandoned as there was nothing to transfer. As you can imagine we were beginning to consider other options as the quality of my eggs seemed to deteriorate with each cycle. We decided to look into egg donation in India.

We had heard of Dr. Rita modi through our family friend. From the very beginning, Dr Rita Modi is professional and courteous, providing answers to all our questions. She responded very efficiently to all doubts – before and after we decided to go ahead with an egg donation cycle with her. We had our cycle in September 2014 and two weeks later got a positive test result – which was absolutely amazing!!..We were in a daze as this had never happened before! Now we have two beautiful daughters to cherish!!! We feel truly blessed.


It has been a bit over 2 yrs since I first contacted Dr Rita Modi desperate to make a family, she was so helpful and supportive that I chose to undergo IVF treatment from her only. It did not happen first time but after fourth attempt I became pregnant. So jumping to the good stuff, 3 and half years ago, we finally held our most precious beautiful baby boy we could ever have imagined. He is perfect healthy happy and the love of our lives, we cannot believe it, we still pinch ourselves to make sure not dreaming. We cannot thank Dr Rita Modi enough for the joy they have bought into our lives. Thank You.


Sachin and I were married in February 2003 and it was a very happy beginning to a new phase in our life. Time flew by and after two years we started thinking about extending our family. The first two years of trying to conceive yielded no result. The obvious step was to seek a specialist’s advice. Several visits to different doctors and a long list of tests finally helped us zero in on IUI as a treatment option. I was elated that I was going to be a mother soon. But despite 8 IUI cycles there was no positive result. Then my friend suggested me Dr. Rita modi.

Dr Rita Modi was very forthright and did not try to fill me with any false hopes. She explained what the treatment would be and asked me to have a realistic expectation. My IVF was done in January 2012 by Dr. Rita Modi. Today I am mother of 3 year old sweet baby girl. Thank you Dr Rita modi for helping me to experience the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life – motherhood.


My name is Tanvi and I am one of the blessed patients of Dr. Rita Modi. My journey of trial and tribulation began when I got married 10 years back .We both were very fond of kids and started trying right away. I never knew my irregular periods will be such a big problem. After two years of trying we finally went to a gynecologist to get ourselves checked .To my dismay I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and straight away told to be on medication and diet control and that’s it. Nothing happened for another 3 years and after lot of sobbing and crying we decided to go to a reproductive specialist in Mumbai.

One day I decided to handle the situation and searched for fertility related problems on the net and right away Dr. Rita Modi’s website came up. I wrote to him casually about my problem and to my surprise I got a prompt reply and Dr Rita Modi suggested me to go for IVF treatment. I immediately visited Dr. Rita Modi’s clinic in Mumbai. The IVF procedure becomes easier when you get a good support from the doctor. Though I had 4 failed IVF’s but Dr Rita Modi tried there level best to provide me with all the best options to conceive. I have never seen any doctor so confident and positive, Doctor told me that I will conceive. Now I have healthy baby boy.

Very Grateful to Dr. Rita Modi for making my life happy.